Destiny Review

Billed as a game to truly usher in Next-Gen gaming, the run up to Destiny’s launch was full of anticipation. After all, it does mark the first post-Halo game Bungie has done. More than a month after...

DriveClub Review

DriveClub is a game that I have been looking forward to ever since I first played it back at EGX in September 2013. I then got to refresh my excitement at E3 earlier this year. Now the time has finally come...

Diablo 3: Ultimate Evil Edition Review

Considering that Diablo has predominantly remained on PC, I found it rather exciting having the chance to delve into its frantic coop gameplay and get down to some classic split-screen action, upon its...

Which Video Game Character Are You?

Which video game character are you?   1 - You go down to the kitchen fancying a snack, but you see that the biscuit tin is on top of a high shelf out of reach. Do you: A) Jump, leap and bound up...