Hearthstone on a Shoestring Budget

Update: Scroll down for month 3, where I enter the world of Hearthstone streaming. 'Free to play' is a term wildly thrown about by different crowds. Many publishers offer their games as 'free to play', an ad...

Assassin’s Creed: Unity Review

Assassin's Creed: Unity takes all of the elements from previous titles and gives them a fresh gloss of paint in the form of a gorgeous 18th Century Paris in the midst of revolution. While there are a couple of ...

Senran Kagura Bon Appetit! Review

Editor's Note: This article contains photos of an explicit nature. Once in a blue moon, a game emerges that treats the concept of sex with respect and dignity. Its characters realistically portray their se...

100 Hours With Destiny

Destiny has a firm grip around my neck, its nails dug deep in my skin. I don't want it to let go. In The Beginning Over the last 100 hours I have developed a compulsive addiction to farming for loot, a biza...

Bloodborne Alpha Preview

The moonlight reflects in a shallow puddle, casting a luminous glow upon a pitchfork-wielding resident. To call him a zombie would feel wrong. He's human but barely. “STAY BACK, STAY BACK”, he screams as he app...

Destiny Alpha Preview

Touching down on a desolate Earth devoid of the frivolity usually provided by humanity is odd. Russia may not appear to be the most wealthy and thriving place at the best of times, but when time has passed and ...

Transistor Review

Transistor is a gorgeous and evocative adventure through one of the most beautiful virtual landscapes ever conceived, where constant narration guides and compels you to explore and soak in every incidental deta...

Trials Fusion Review

Each and every time I boot Trials Fusion the same catchy techno tune plays, uttering the words “Welcome to the future. Man. Machine. The future”. This song encapsulates Fusion, a game that advances the Trials s...

Dark Souls 2 Preview

The cursed are drawn to Drangleic, like a moth to a flame. They desperately seek to dispel their ailment. No one wishes to be undead. No one wishes to eventually turn hollow. This was my plight as I plunged int...

Killzone: Shadow Fall Review

The Berlin Wall was erected to separate the citizens of East and West Berlin, protecting Eastern Berlin from fascist influence while it attempted to create a socialist state. While Killzone: Shadow Fall isn’t a...