Now that E3 2015 has finished, it’s time to reflect and look into what wasn’t announced, but should’ve been.


 10. Slimline PS4

Yes, I know, the PlayStation 4 is already quite slim, but an even smaller PS4 is an eventuality.

With each console life cycle there’s inevitably a handful of revisions to the hardware as time progresses: parts become cheaper, smaller and more efficient. Exactly how Sony might make their latest console smaller is anyone’s guess, though, it’s also been rumoured that there could be a disc-less version in the future.

Before you grab your pitchforks, this is also inevitable and will happen in the future. With people streaming movies, television and music, the need for a large box to contain all of our content will be redundant. Sure, internet speeds need to be standardised across the world, but when it happens (and it will), no one will be buying discs anymore. The first step in Sony’s plan? Their streaming service Playstation Now, of course! Day-by-day digital content is proving more and more popular.

Having said all of that, it’s a while off, but we will get a smaller PlayStation 4 under our televisions in the not-too-distant future. Here’s hoping it at least comes with a 1-2 terrabyte hard drive.


9. Ability To Change PSN IDs

Everyone and their nan has wanted this feature ever since PlayStation 3 introduced the Playstation Network, though for circumstances unknown, consumer’s have yet to get the pleasure of changing their embarrassing IDs.

The service is available in Japan, but oddly nowhere else. I know I’d be willing to pay a large sum to change my ID and keep my trophy record. Perhaps Gamescom 2015 will be the time Sony announce it? Judging by past experience, I’d say no, but time will tell.


8. Arkham Remasters

Ok, so announcing the remasters to a critically acclaimed trilogy before the third game is even out, would’ve been silly. But, the pleasure of knowing I can play the first two games in Rocksteady’s Batman catalogue, can’t come soon enough. Here’s to another two platinum trophies!

There’s no official confirmation it’s actually in production, however, recent rumours and leaks through a survey suggest that it’ll arrive in the fall of 2015 and present both Arkham Asylum and Arkham City in a brand spanking new package.

Apparently they’ll be built from the ground up, too! Hopefully that means no more pre-rendered cutscenes and the ability to see your extra character skins across every part of the game. Whilst the only non-Rocksteady Batman game, Arkham Origins, isn’t expected to hit this remix, would you want it to? Sound off in the comments at the end!


7. Gran Turismo 7

With a plethora of racing games having entered the market since the PlayStation 3-based Gran Turismo 6, it’s a wonder what’s taking so long for Sony to finally introduce the series to the current generation.

It’s been confirmed to be in development for quite some time, but as to whether the next entry will change-up its formula enough to stay relevant amongst the ever-growing garage of titles, remains to be seen.

What would you like to see in a 7th title? Personally I want less realistic driving, or at least the option not choose how it plays. Arcade-style racing FTW!


6. Watch Dogs 2

Even though it’s only been a year since the first game, it would’ve been nice to at least get confirmation of the title’s development.

Having experienced a bumpy launch due to quality issues and the downgrade in graphics, Ubisoft’s inevitable sequel needs to seriously amp up its ambitions.

With an expected change in scenery and an overhaul to gameplay, Watch Dogs 2 is most certainly being made. However, will we remain in the cap of Aiden Pierce, or take on an entirely different storyline?


5.  Titanfall 2

Again, another premature announcement, but since the one-hit-wonder nature of the first title, many people are wondering how Titanfall 2 might evolve the series.

Confirmed by Respawn Entertainment to be currently in development, the title is expected to branch out of Microsoft’s base, going multi-platform upon its release and finally hitting Sony’s console.

The question of whether it’ll include a campaign remains high on everybody’s minds, but I just hope the first game is included on PlayStation 4 as part of the sequels content.


4. Resident Evil 7

The Resident Evil series have been through a constant shift in tone over the last few years, whilst many fans hope for a return to its true survival horror roots. Featuring too much action and gunfire has led to the series’ numbered titles losing their appeal among its loyal fan base.

When Resident Evil 7 gets announced, will Capcom decide to go back to solitary, confined spaces? Or will a globe-trotting adventure, coupled with explosions and more gunfire, once again make a return? Here’s hoping for the former.


3. The Next Splinter Cell

Since the refreshed and popular return to the series with Blacklist, I’ve been pumped for more stealthy gameplay ever since its arrival. With a studio dedicated to furthering the franchise, it’s more of a question as to when a sequel is on its way, than if.

Ubisoft had a lot to show at E3 2015 – including a new Ghost Recon, South Park sequel, The Division and more – which means we’ll probably have to wait until the arrival of all that content before they’re ready to shove Sam Fisher into our faces once more.


2. Rockstar’s Next Title

Well this could be anything.

With Rockstar’s focus currently on satisfying online players in GTA V, the company have remained tightlipped as to what they’re focusing on next. The rumour mill has been in overdrive within recent months, speculating that Read Dead Redemption will receive an overdue sequel.

Aside from that, anything from a sequel to L.A. Noire, Max Payne, Manhunt or their long-forgotten PlayStation exclusive Agent, could be next. Who knows, perhaps an entirely new I.P. is next on their list? This is Rockstar we’re talking about.


1. Valve’s Next Title

Please, just give us something. Anything.

Ever since the release of Portal 2 back in 2011, there’s been nothing but hardware announcements coming out of Valve HQ. Will the company ever surprise its fans and make one of their series’ a trilogy? So far anything beyond the number 2 seems to be left out of Valve’s numeric keypad.

With rumours constantly circling the company, it’s a surprise WikiLeaks hasn’t looked into them. But everything from Portal 3, Left 4 Dead 3 and the elusive Half Life 3 could be next, though, for the meantime, we’re going to have to deal with Steam Machines and their upcoming VR project. Boo.


This is my personal selection of what would’ve made E3 2015 even better.

We want to hear your list of unannounced announcements, so hit the comments below and let us know!