*The following is entirely speculative, backed up by nothing more than suspicion and rumours.

A while ago I speculated that Avalanche Studios were in a prime position to take over Batman in video games. Not only have they recently worked with Warner Bros. on Mad Max, they are also a seasoned developer of complex open-world titles; the Just Cause trilogy and Mad Max as prime examples.

In the last week the studio has begun a large drive for employment, making positions available in both Stockholm and New York City. Positions in either location require a wide variety of skills, including many high profile opportunities in New York especially. Some of these include jobs for writing their next game’s story, as well as a destruction designer. The latter shouldn’t come as much surprise given their history and appetite for explosions.

Other vacancies located at Stockholm require skills for what seems like a smaller game with a focus on multiplayer. I believe the studio are working on one smaller title in Stockholm, and a bigger one in NYC, which is already described as, “an unannounced high profile project”.

Not only that, but their AAA project also needs an AI designer capable of scripting behaviours such as, “pathfinding, tactical decision making, group movement, combat, locomotion and interaction.” The requirements of its senior AI designer sound like they would fit perfectly into a Dark Knight title; bringing to life the tactical decision making of Batman, his combat, and the introduction of his many vehicles.


Lastly, their need for a senior physics programmer call for, “an emphasis on physics”, which could mean Batman’s ability to glide. Then again, it’s a physics programmer. DUH.

If it is Batman, where will it head next? Zack Snyder’s beginning of the Justice League seems like the perfect opportunity for a game based on all the superheroes. But something tells me they are going to create a tale either based on Batman Beyond, or take from the Batman universe that Snyder continues to create. Whichever way it goes, I just look forward to more of the caped crusader.

I expect Avalanche’s smaller title to aim for release some time in Q4 2016, but don’t count on seeing their Batma..ahem, AAA project until mid-2017 at the earliest. Much like the man himself, Avalanche Studios are operating in the shadows.

Can they match Rocksteady’s work? Time will tell.

[Source: Avalanche Studio’s Career Page]

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