Ever since the death of the Joker at the end of Arkham City, everyone’s been hoping that Mark Hamill would return once more to voice the Clown Prince of Gotham. With the surprise announcement that players will step into the shoes of Batgirl in a prequel piece of DLC, it instantly raised the question in my head as to whether Hamill might return for her demise?

After all, regardless of his retirement voicing the character, he would return for The Killing Joke.

Barbara Gordon’s turn from Batgirl to Oracle is a tragic yet compelling story, something I think should be represented in the Arkham universe. If Rocksteady did go down the route of The Killing Joke’s events, there’s no need for a handheld rehash. In fact, the writing team could implement the important parts, and flesh it out into their own vision.

Perhaps players could control Batgirl through a large portion of the story, only to then take lead as Batman to track down her whereabouts? Maybe there could even be parts where you play as Commissioner Gordon? I’m just spitballing ideas, but the potential is limitless. Details are scarce, but the press release did mention that players will get to explore “an entirely new location”.

It’s more than likely that this content will take place in a yet-to-be-explored area of Gotham. Much like in Arkham Asylum or City, wherein you could survey unexplored locations from across the water, maybe we’ll be able to get a better idea once we see what’s out of reach?

Chronicling the events that led to Barbara residing in a wheelchair would be an impactful piece of content, worthy of Mark Hamill’s return as the Joker. It would satisfy everything a fan such as myself has ever wanted, getting to hear his maniacal voice once more, through one of the most important pieces of Batman history.


With Arkham Knight receiving a Mature rating, there shouldn’t be any reason as to why The Killing Joke’s unsettling story shouldn’t be adapted by Rocksteady. It would mark an emotional and poignant end to their trilogy, and round out their universe with little left to explore.

I could be entirely wrong about the Joker’s return. Maybe Rocksteady have concocted a brand new reason as to why Barbara Gordon is in a wheelchair? I doubt it, though, The Killing Joke is too good to pass up.

All this and I haven’t even explored the potential for “Gotham City Stories” or “The Season of Infamy” content that’s also in development.

What do you think? Will “A Matter of Family” bring Hamill’s Joker back for one last laugh?

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