Finding a desk to game on might be the last thing you’re worried about when searching for the ultimate set up. However, picking a good base for your kit could end up being the best decision you make.

Recently, Start Replay got the chance to try out the Pro Plus 36, a sit-stand table from Varidesk that can be adjusted with ease. As quoted by the company themselves, standing whilst you work can introduce a boatload of health benefits, including: increased productivity, reduced back pain, lower blood pressure and a boost in metabolism.

The Pro Plus 36 falls into Varidesk’s mid-tier range of table top desks. Outside of the Pro Plus range, which has an upper display surface for monitors and screens alongside a lower deck for your keyboard and mouse, there are a wide variety of alternate designs and sizes to appeal to any user. I can fit two monitors alongside a keyboard and mouse set on the Pro Plus 36 and still have room for trinkets. I opted for a black desk, but there are a selection of other colours to choose from as well.

I love how easy Varidesk is to use. There’s no installation (it comes equipped with super grippy rubber pads on the bottom) and lifting it from its sitting position to its highest level is also really simple. Either side of the top deck are a couple of flappy handles, simply press them together and move the desk up and down to a desired position. The Pro Plus 36 can take up to 15.8kg and regardless of the weight of a few monitors and other kit resting on top, its spring-loaded and takes zero effort to move. The table’s build quality is very sturdy and will easily withstand any wear and tear, as well spillages. It’s encased in a tough plastic material complete with a rugged texture, to ensure any items resting on top (particularly those with rubber bottoms) stick to it and don’t budge. For those who might be worried about resting a desk on top of another desk (and everything becoming a bit cumbersome), rest assured that this model remains compact and tidy in its sitting position.

Aside from the potential health benefits, Varidesk offer an extensive range of add-ons to their existing table range. If you purchase a unit in its vanilla form (each of them arrive pre-built, which is awesome) you can buy monitor mounts and additional equipment to increase your productivity, such as an ActiveMat that keeps your legs moving in a variety of ways.

I’m a big supporter of switching work styles whilst operating on a PC and when I’m editing a video for 5 or 6 hours straight, I appreciate the option to sit or stand and have my work easily accessible whilst being comfortable. Standing feels a bit more active and I can dot around my environment quickly, instead of lugging myself in and out of a chair.

Varidesk’s work place solutions don’t come cheap. The Pro Plus 36 costs £365 and an accompanying dual monitor arm will cost £185. If you’re looking to get accessories, including a VariChair and an ActiveMat, then you’ll be reaching an astronomical amount of money, especially if you’re kitting out an entire office. Then again, buying in bulk can save you money through Varidesk’s website and if your business wants flexible computer desk solutions (and you have the extra money) perhaps this health-orientated computer desk company will appeal to your needs.

As a gamer, at least, I’d recommend giving Varidesk some worthy consideration, especially if you appreciate the ability to stand and move around whilst playing.

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