With Gearbox Software officially hiring for Borderlands 3, I figured that I’d take advantage of this opportune moment to talk about what I’d like to see in the next instalment.

I wasn’t always a huge fan of Borderlands. When the first title released I only played about an hour before I gave up, I just couldn’t get on with the steep learning curve of grinding to proceed. But as soon as Borderlands 2 arrived, I was hooked. I don’t care to count the hours I’ve lost to that game, though I do care to list what I’d like from a definitive sequel.

A seamless open-world

I always loved the open-ended sections of Borderlands, but they were always broken up by the odd inevitable loading screen. It’s already been confirmed that the next title will made exclusively for newer consoles, and that means being able to harness the full power of the PS4 and Xbox One for seamless exploration. Imagine being able to start at any spot in the map, only to then have the entirety available to explore and discover from the offset. Randomised quests could pop in and out of certain areas, and perhaps you could fast travel at the touch of a button?

Create-a-Character mode

I’ve never understood why the customisation of your character has been so limited. Sure, the pre-rendered cutscenes probably had something to do with it, but with the extra oomph behind the threequel, there’s more than enough reason to presume that cutscenes will use the in-game engine. This means that players should now be able to make a fully-featured whacko to hit the streets (or dirt) in style. An in-depth character customiser is absolutely vital in my opinion and would result in a bit more of a personal touch.

New Vaults, New Locations

At the end of Borderlands 2 players were given a cutscene that showed hundreds — if not thousands — of Vaults located across the galaxy. There are probably dozens of original locations already being thought up, but perhaps we’ll get to see a populated city on a planet other than Pandora, showing high-rise buildings and a bit more variety. It would not only lend itself well to a host of new characters, but also help provide a bit of variety for those used to the typical rock and dirt facade.

The more insane the quests, the better!

Going by the many notable DLC packs, including Tiny Tina’s Assault on Dragon Keep, there are literally no limits when it comes to the insanity of quests; the more the better, I say! It’s hard to imagine the crazy things Gearbox might come up with next, but no matter how strange or mental it might get, the world of Borderlands is perfectly suited to it.

Amp up the graphics

Borderlands has never looked ugly, though with the huge amount of extra processing power available, I do expect a large leap in graphical sharpness and the vibrancy of the world. Perhaps it be worth redesigning the cel-shaded artwork entirely, presenting a fresher yet familiar update?

A little less grinding

Since the original Borderlands the need to grind XP to progress has always been a necessity. I quit the first game due to that very fact, though maybe in the threequel there can be a slightly more varied way in which the player ranks up through levels. From my perspective it’s a hard task to achieve, though not impossible. If anyone can figure out a much friendlier way to rank up, while maintaining a challenge, it’s Gearbox.

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