Although Call of Duty’s latest iteration, Advanced Warfare, has only been out for a couple of months, the rumour mill is already working hard on what might come next.

This time we have an interesting leak from the often trustworthy ‘hackers’, ‘Anonymous’. Much like the stupidly early hype and leaks for Apple’s iClone 6s/7, the Call of Duty series has seen its latest leak, and this time it’s for Treyarch’s upcoming game. Usually I wouldn’t pay attention to these absurd and predictable leaks, however this one for me is a bit different…

Below, you can see the rumored ‘leaked’ poster/ marketing material for the next iteration of the Call of Duty franchise, and it came from this tweet:


I haven’t bought a Call of Duty game since Black Ops 2, and that game was traded in within a few months. The last few COD games I haven’t even bothered with, purely because the futuristic style is not my cup of tea.

The last COD game I truly enjoyed was Modern Warfare 3, and most of the titles games before that. This is simply down to the era that they were based in, and I really enjoy FPS games set in the modern day. A huge factor for this is that it is relatable to the things we see and hear about every day in the news, the papers and on the internet. Being able to relate to a game really allows me to have a deeper connection to everything it has to offer, improving my experience greatly.  The setting affects every aspect of the game, the campaign, the maps, the guns, etc. With a futuristic setting in a COD game, I just cannot immerse myself and get stuck into the game, I have no interest in what it has to offer, regardless the gameplay’s quality.

However, with the possibility of a Treyach made WW2 game, if it has anything in common with the original World At War, then I will be waiting in line on a cold November evening and dishing out my hard earned cash to Tesco’s. Take my money Treyarch.

Everything from the weapons, the dialogue, the setting and the style of maps and missions, when combined into a great WW2 based game, make for a truly exciting and historical experience. I love the feeling of spraying MP40’s and Thompson sub machine guns, especially when compared to a crappy gun that no one’s ever heard of, or ever will hear of, that fires laser turtles.

With the prospect of the next Call of Duty being set in the past, I am already excited. We went through a period where there were too many WW2 shooters and the market was over saturated, but right now a COD game set in the past is exactly what I think the series needs. Make Call of Duty: World At War 2 happen, please! If the rumours are true, then we will see the announcement on May 4th.

Stay tuned, myself and the team will be following the Call of Duty situation very closely as the rumours start to snowball over the coming months.

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