So here we are, Year Three. Rise of Iron has been upon us for just over a week now and already guardians have cracked all the secrets of the newest DLC for Destiny. I’ll warn you now, this piece will have a few spoilers so read on at your own risk.


Year Three

Rise of Iron was released on Tuesday September 20th much to the excitement of myself and a whole host of other guardians around the planet. I spent all day Tuesday and Wednesday getting stuck in with the new quests, social space and patrol area. After playing for two days straight, my first impressions are that this DLC is far too limited. The campaign is short, the selection of new strikes is underwhelming, and the new patrol area isn’t enough to raise my spirits.

The story follows that of the Iron Lords, or what’s left of them. Lord Saladin (y’know the guy that runs the Iron Banner?) is the last of the Iron Lords and needs your help to contain and stop the spread of SIVA. SIVA is an old technology that the Fallen recently discovered, it can be used to augment armour, weapons and, theoretically, create anything a civilisation would need. The last mission sees you shutting down the creation of SIVA and it only takes a few hours to get to this place. After that you can go ahead and complete the new strike. But even this isn’t actually new, it’s simply a reskin of the first ever strike you complete, The Devil’s Lair. You may be thinking that I’m being a little too negative about Rise of Iron, which is true. But whilst there are many areas I think could’ve been improved, I’m still seriously enjoying everything the new expansion has to offer.


Aside from the new story quests there is the progression book. Similar to the Sparrow Racing League (SRL) book and Year Two progression book, you work your way through the objectives in the book and unlock rewards the more you achieve. It’s a nice touch and I definitely appreciate it. When I don’t have any specific quests to complete I can turn to this and focus on levelling up to get the exclusive Rise of Iron armour set. It helps to keep guardians busy when there’s not much else to do.


Pestle & Mortar

Grinding. All the grinding is real. Once again the light level has been increased to 385 which is glorious. Most guardians will have been 335 when the DLC dropped and getting to 340 is a simple task. Unfortunately, from 340 to 350 things start to slow down as blue engrams decrypted from the Cryptarch will only drop at 340 max. At the time of writing this I’m 353 light and blue engrams are currently only used to gain weapon parts and armour materials. The best way to level up is to hop into the new strike playlist SIVA Crisis Heroic. The bosses at the end of these strikes will drop blue engrams but they will already be decrypted. These will, 90% of the time, drop at a higher level then you currently are, so it’s wise to equip your highest light gear before running over and picking these up. As an example, I ran a heroic strike with two randoms and levelled up twice, just from the blue engrams I picked up. Of course, you still have a chance to grab legendary engrams which will decrypt at a higher level than you are.

Crucible has had an update and private matches have finally been introduced. Whilst I haven’t had a chance to try out a private match, I have played a few matches of the new game mode Supremacy. If you’ve ever played Call of Duty then you’ll see this as Kill Confirmed. It’s quite simple; kill opposing guardians and pick up the tags they drop whilst also trying to grab allied tags to deny them scoring. It’s a fast paced game mode but gets frustrating when team mates don’t focus on grabbing those tags, it’s all about the tags!


Closing Thoughts

A week in and I’m still thoroughly enjoying Destiny: Rise of Iron. This game will always be a firm favourite of mine and a new expansion is super fun. Whilst the story seems a little lacking, there’s still plenty for me to keep busy with. The new raid was opened the first Friday after release and is the next mystery for me to tackle. As with all raids, there are hidden rooms, chests and puzzles which I look forward to solving.


If you have Rise of Iron, then leave a comment down below and let us know what you are enjoying the most!

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