Remember when a video game didn’t come with pricey post-launch content? For many people it’s a distant memory, as the rise of downloadable content (DLC) over the past decade has given gamers more of what they love, but at a cost. However, before I celebrate DLC’s existence by listing my favourite batches of add-on content, it’s a good idea to remind ourselves where this all started: with a horse.


In 2006 during the release of Elder Scrolls IV, the world was met with horse armour. For the low sum of £1.16, cladding your horse out in shiny metal was suddenly an easy win. It was such a simple move, which was ridiculed at the time for being a waste of money, yet people bought it, a lot of people. In 2011 it was reported that horse armour, 5 years on, was still being purchased, and I wouldn’t be at all surprised if someone, somewhere, is placing down their precious cash at this very moment. Its small success served as proof that, given the right setting, the public will spend money on absolutely anything.

One decade later and there’s hardly a game that hasn’t prepared a DLC road map. Now every major title has a season pass that bundles content together in one convenient pack. Whilst there are some games that relish the opportunity to cheekily sell in-game money for real, hard earned cash, some developers go above and beyond what’s usually expected of them, offering a wealth of premium game-changing content for a not-so-bad price tag.


Fallout 4 (£39.99 – previously £24.99 at launch)

Undoubtedly one of the more expensive season passes, Fallout 4’s content is a recent example of DLC done right. On top of the hundreds of hours worth of gameplay already available, its six expansions add a dash of variety for any vault dweller and I can say I’ve had a blast pouring more of my time into its fascinating world. The Nuka-World expansion marks the end of substantial content, but it’s especially worth your time if you’re on PlayStation 4 – Sony currently won’t allow mods on their console. Bummer.

Why should I spend the money?

If you’re hooked on Fallout 4, buying its season pass will add more of what you love. Its reception has been divisive amongst fans, but personally I thoroughly enjoyed my time with this extra content. If you managed to grab this season pass for £24.99 during its initial launch, then it’s a bargain. Its current standing at £39.99 is still justifiable though, given the sheer amount of stuff on offer.

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Just Cause 3 (£19.99 – a further 40% off until Sept. 28th 2016)

Despite suffering from a few performance issues, Just Cause 3 put you in the thick of it with explosive action. Its season pass recently finished its run of content, and brought with it a ton more destructive firepower. Not only can you take to the skies with a rocket launcher enhanced jetpack, but Rico can also pilot a mech complete with a gravitational beam. It’s absolute mayhem, which made my gameplay experience all the more fun.

Why should I spend the money?

Destruction and chaos reign supreme in Just Cause, and this pass amps everything up to 11. If you thought you had enough explosive power in the standard game, wait until you test out its expansions. If you want to feel even more like a god, then I’d definitely recommend this bunch of add-ons.

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Batman: Arkham Knight (£15.99 – a further 50% off until Sept. 28th 2016)

I’m a sucker for Batman. Rocksteady’s conclusion to the Arkham trilogy already offered a beefy amount of content, but its six month run of DLC certainly kept things interesting. Not only did the development team provide more story-centric content, they also listened to the requests of their fans by providing a ton of character skins, as well as authentic recreations of all the major Batmobiles.

Why should I spend the money?

Rocksteady’s love of their fan base truly shone through in their efforts to go beyond what was originally planned for their long run of add-on content. There’s an extraordinary amount of fan service packed into this pass, including an appearance from The Dark Knight film costume, which was made available after asking fans which outfit they’d like to see the most.

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*Every season pass listed was provided by their respective publisher on PlayStation 4




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