2015 has come around, and I’m looking forward to everything the world of gaming will be throwing at us, especially the multitude of gaming events. I have attended a range of gaming events now, and 2015 will be no exception and we hope to be heading to Gamescom, EGX, Insomnia, and more. My favourite event out of those I have attended, was Gamescom 2014 and the main reason for this was the fantastic competitive gaming setup. I am not a competitive gamer myself, I tend to enjoy playing a range of games and styles of games, and struggle to dedicate enough time to one game to become a decent skill level, therefore I am mediocre at most games I play. However, I spend a decent amount of time watching competitive gaming events, and the reason I felt Gamescom 2014 was the best event I’ve attended was due to the size of the competitive gaming stages.

After attending the press day, Thursday, Friday and Saturday of Gamescom,  being able to sit and watch the ESL Halo tournament was great. Likewise, there was a huge CS:GO tournament going on throughout the event, plus many other games. The stages were huge, had a great atmosphere and were really well set up by ESL, unlike no other event I had attended. There was such a huge demand to watch the events, that there were huge queues to get inside the arenas and grab a seat. I am yet to fully understand why more events are not using competitive gaming stages as a major part of the event. There is a huge demand for the E-Sports scene, with Twitch streams of average size tournaments getting over 100k viewers.

I hope that more events start dedicating stages and areas to E-Sports events, it will help the events sell tickets and it creates a fantastic atmosphere right in the heart of the event. Myself and the Start Replay team will be attending many of the major gaming events round the world, and we look forward to what this year can bring to the industry. Hopefully E-Sports at these events will be one of those things.


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