*This article will be updated regularly

**I originally stated Sucker Punch would be ideal for a new Batman game, however quickly realised they’re the most unlikely dev as they’re owned by Sony 

It’s hard to believe that E3 2017 is only 10 weeks away. Speculation is rife when it comes to the announcements and I figured now marks a good opportunity to discuss which games might receive a surprise E3 showcase.

Is there anything you predict to be showcased that hasn’t been announced? Let us know in the comments below and we might add it!

The Next Batman Game

Did you really think the Arkham video game series would end with Rocksteady? Nope, me neither, and to be honest I don’t want it to end. Everyone knows that another one is in development but the question remains: who is developing it? Rumour has it that the studio behind the 2013’s Arkham Origins (Warner Bros. Montreal) may have been working on a follow-up ever since, despite the buggy release of their first attempt. Whilst I could easily see the likes of Avalanche Studios take the helm, I guess it makes more sense for the Montreal team to continue the series and improve upon their previous effort. You can check out a supposed ‘leak’ of info regarding the next Arkham game, though I suggest you do so with a large pinch of salt.

A New Splinter Cell

Ever since Splinter Cell: Blacklist rebooted the series I’ve been chomping at the bit for a new title to stick my teeth into. It’s been nearly 4 years since Ubisoft rebooted the series with a fresher, younger take on the character, but why is it taking so long for a brand new game? With the latest Ghost Recon and Rainbow Six entries out of the way, now marks the perfect opportunity for Ubisoft to finally unveil their plans. Don’t think that I can’t see your night-vision goggles over there in the darkness, Sam.

Bloodborne 2

Before Bloodborne arrived on the scene I didn’t even dare to play games such as Dark Souls or the more recently released, Nioh. They just didn’t appeal to me, but the beautiful art design and well crafted levels sucked me into its harsh, yet rewarding world. Despite the fact that I didn’t finish the first Bloodborne, I’d be more than happy to return to its alluring world. Even if I do die every two minutes.

Borderlands 3

Okay, ‘technically’ Borderlands 3 has already been announced, however the game has yet to receive any screenshot or formal announcement trailer. It’s been a while since Gearbox released anything new and regardless of the upcoming Bulletstorm remaster, jumping back into the world of Tiny Tina and Claptrap is at the top of my wish list. I expect a comedic announcement teaser trailer, at the very least.

The Next Need For Speed

EA has already confirmed that a new Need for Speed will indeed be arriving in late 2017. I can also almost guarantee that the next game will be at E3 in playable form and will probably be announced via a very stylish, nitros-injected trailer.

Beyond Good & Evil 2

I may have skipped playing the first game, but that doesn’t mean I haven’t held onto the possibility of a sequel being announced as each year passes. Even though the game has received some light form of confirmation through recent concept art, I doubt Ubisoft would pass up the opportunity to make a proper unveiling during E3. Perhaps the rumours that it’s a Nintendo Switch exclusive are true, means you can probably expect a well-crafted Nintendo Direct-based reveal.

The Evil Within 2

I had high hopes for the original Evil Within but somehow it missed its mark with me. Hopefully its impending sequel will feel suitably upgraded and a lot scarier. Not to mention a little less outdated?

Wolfenstein 2

A sequel to the original Wolfenstein reboot was hinted at during 2016’s E3, so it only makes sense for a sequel to be announced this year, right? I expect more old school shoot ‘em up action. With Nazis. Lots of Nazis.

Absolutely Anything From Valve

Yeah, yeah we all know Valve can’t or won’t create a third game to any of their popular video game series, but maybe 2017 will be different? It’s been long-rumoured that a new Left 4 Dead is in heavy development, not to mention another Portal game. Perhaps it would be too much to ask for the elusive Half Life 3?

The Next Game From Sucker Punch (the studio behind Infamous)

I was just as surprised as anyone else to learn that Sucker Punch weren’t behind the new Spider-Man game, but then again it does mean we’ve yet to see what they’ve been up to since the brilliant Infamous: Second Son – over 3 years ago. Will the studio continue their open-world series, or have they been hard at work on an entirely new IP? Perhaps Marvel are courting them to work on part of their quickly-expanding MVU (Marvel Video game Universe)? Only time will tell, but secretly I want them to make another Infamous game.