FIFA is a game that always fulfills its life cycle. It tends to keep fans and gamers glued to their screens, right round to when the next iteration drops in September. Despite this, EA are often criticized for not adding enough to the series’ new titles. We have created a ‘Wish List’ for the upcoming FIFA 16 title, and it would be fantastic if ANY of these features were to be added to the worlds favourite sports game. Feel free to watch the embedded video below – a summary of my below points alongside some FIFA gameplay.

Career Mode 

Firstly, EA really need to look into the manager mode in FIFA 16 and consider where it needs to be taken next. I suggest that it be divided into two sections, with a ‘classic mode’, which follows a similar structure to how it plays now. Then an ‘Advanced Mode’ is needed, where the manager in control of the club has far more control over the team and staff as a whole. For example, a real life manager will look after far more than just the team selection and transfers. Training regimes, dieting, individual player training, rest and recovery, and more needs to be added. This will allow for the manager to look after his prize players at a much closer level, enhancing the whole experience. You should have to set aside a certain amount of your budget for training regimes and new equipment. Sacrifice making that star signing, to invest in your current training facility to try and improve the quality and fitness of your current squad. Some of those idea go further and above what a managers role would be within the club, however it would allow for an enhanced and more realistic experience. You should also have more pressure and targets from chairman, the media and fans. This would make winning the next game even more crucial, and a generally more tense and exciting experience.

Ultimate Team

Ultimate team is the most popular mode in FIFA. It is a huge hit on YouTube and just a generally fun and addictive game mode. It certainly could do with some love & care, however. I feel that the chemistry system needs to be looked at and made more sophisticated. Currently, the chemistry system has barely changed since it was implemented in the original FUT mode. To make it more realistic and complex and to add flexibility to team creation, I feel EA should update it to allow players who previously played with other players to receive chemistry. For example, Carlos Tevez, who is currently playing in Italy for Juventus, should receive a small amount of chemistry if partnered with Wayne Rooney, who he spent time playing with at Manchester United. This makes sense from a realistic perspective, as the played would have developed a relationship during his time playing with the other player. I just feel this would make for a more interesting and sophisticated team building system, where you can explore more options than in previous iterations. This, coupled with a more complex chemistry number system, I feel would make for a great experience.

Additionally, EA have just released their Winter Upgrades and its always an exciting time for FUT fans. But I can’t quite understand why EA can’t release these on a more frequent basis, as it gives fans even more of an incentive to get online and try and pack their favourite stars. It just helps to keep the game feeling fresh and up to date. I really enjoy the Winter Upgrades that EA put out, however making these upgrades more frequent would surely only be a good thing.


EA really need to nail the gameplay with FIFA 16. The new engine makes use of the improved processing power of the Xbox One and PS4, however the game still has many gameplay flaws and glitches. For example, auto-switching is just a massive pain in FIFA 15 and it is the single most reason for me conceding goals. The system on the older games worked better, please sort it out EA! Also, goalkeepers often dive the wrong way, very helpful.


We could go into further detail on the issues that need to be addressed, but if the main features on the above list were implemented, it would make the worlds most popular sports game even more amazing.


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