To celebrate the recent ‘Early-Access’ release of Armored Warfare on PlayStation 4, we’re giving away 10 ‘Rookie Packs’ (each worth £11.99) to help players roll into battle.

Armored Warfare originally release in 2015 as a free-to-play title exclusively on PC. In a similar vein to War Gaming’s World of Tanks franchise, Armored Warfare pits players against each other as they battle it out, Tank-style. Those looking for a more co-operative experience will be happy to know that co-op missions are also on hand!

Here’s a snippet from the Armored Warfare press release:

Publisher invites Founders to be among the first of the armored vanguard to roll out onto the modern battlefields of its Early Access phase which launches today! Armored Warfare allows players to take control of the most innovative and cutting-edge technology in modern ground warfare.  Collect and own vehicles from a vast fleet available within the game, including iconic tanks such as the German Leopard, the deadly Russian Terminator and the acclaimed American Abrams.

Players can team up with friends to tackle difficult co-op missions or take the fight to their rivals navigating across large interactive maps, avoiding airstrikes and ruthless AI. Alternatively, players can partake in an explosive mix of competitive and cooperative gameplay through the revolutionary Global Operations mode. Tank commanders with the urge to start their engines and load their cannons now can get a two-week long head start on launch by purchasing one of the founder packs with premium tanks, exclusive commander, premium time and currency, and much more.

So, fancy diving into a two-week head start by nabbing a ‘Rookie Pack’ on PS4? Firstly, this is what you’ll get:

– 1.000.000 Credits
– 1,500 Gold
– 3 days of Premium time
– Founder’s Pack exclusive Object 430 ICE Tier 3 Premium Main Battle Tank

If you want to be in with a chance of getting one, email us at with the subject line ‘TANKS TANKS TANKS’.

We’ll randomly respond to 10 winners by 9pm BST on February 15th. Please note, the ‘Rookie Pack’ codes will only work on an EU PSN account and Start Replay are not responsible for any codes that fail to work, no replacements will be sent out.

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