I play ARK: Survival Evolved for the first time, and give my impressions on its PlayStation 4 arrival.

  • Brad Marcus Kirchhoff

    I dont understand whats so hard to get? U started out in the worst map w major environmental hazards. U showed yourself idiotically destroying a thatch foundation when u had no tools so basically u had no clue how to play the game. U destroy trees and rock to make tools. U use tools to gather more resources to make a house which ur first house will be thatch. So u just completely wasted resources. This game is extremely easy to get into. Im a beginner and I have about 10 wooden houses set up w great defenses. All it takes is some common sense to play this game. Obviously the writer is lacking this. Seriously its straight forward what u need to do in the game and its never boring unless u simply dont do anything.


      Im not even going to watch this video, after your comments. Theyll let anyone post videos and articles on the web, wont they? ARK is awesome. It can be very unforgiving, but its great. The only thing I wish they would fix is the ugly clunky character interface.