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If you’ve just started reading my Hitman coverage, you’ll notice that I’m not reviewing each expansion individually. At the end of its run, and once the developer has finished providing all its major content, I will then score the game as a whole.


As the smell of incense and food flow in the air, Agent 47 basks in the warm orange glow of nearby lanterns. Street vendors offer a taste of their food, but his hunger will have to wait. A new contract has arrived, and this time the target isn’t two shots of spiced Moroccan liquor.


However alluring all of that may sound, Hitman’s journey to Marrakesh, Morocco, probably ranks as the weakest episode in the series thus far. With the objective of wiping out another set of nasty people, Marrakesh’s dull brown colour palette paints the maze of streets that lay in front of you in a bid to offer another open expansion full of opportunity. It’s a shame, then, that what you’re given is quite the opposite.

Compared to the likes of Sapienza’s sprawling water front during episode two, Morocco feels a lot more restrictive. Perhaps it’s the lack of verticality compared to other levels, but as I wandered around the bustling streets there wasn’t much to capture my imagination.


With the ability to impersonate a member of a TV crew, or simply don the disguise of a military escort – amongst a few other options – my most memorable moment came through arranging both of my targets to arrive in the same location; opposite a deadly computer controller turret.


Whilst I circumvented one of the many military patrols and swiped an outfit to disguise myself, I pulled the fire alarm and escorted one of my targets to the rendezvous point. Along the way I read the turret schematics and stood back as I pressed the button. In one fell swoop I had accomplished my mission. Whilst a large amount of non-playable characters allow for a great atmosphere, the frame rate definitely takes a gut punch when you’re in the thick of it.

There’s not much else I feel the need to talk about, so I’ll keep it short and sweet.


Closing Thoughts

I had a few moments of fun, but overall I didn’t enjoy Marrakesh nearly as much as the first two episodes. Here’s hoping the next one packs a few more surprises.

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