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If you’ve just started reading my Hitman coverage, you’ll notice that I’m not reviewing each expansion individually. At the end of its run, and once the developer has finished providing all its major content, I will then score the game as a whole.


After a troubling 3rd episode, Hitman’s latest contract places the series back on track. 

Set within the confines of a luxurious hotel on the outside of Bangkok, its location is both brimming with opportunity, and dazzling on the eyes. Lashings of gold adorn every decoration, as the sun cascades across its waterfront and glistens off elegant statues. Its certainly one of the series’ showstopper’s when it comes to looks, plus its layout carries a range of deadly ways to dispatch of your targets.

In-keeping with all previous episodes, part 4 presents two targets that need taking care of. One of which is the lead singer in a band, whilst the other is the singer’s family attorney. It turns out the rockstar ended up murdering a famous actress, but thanks to the corruption of the legal system and his legal aid, ended up walking free. He’s the epitome of what a rockstar should be; rising the ranks, before ultimately coming too close the the sun and dying a tragic death.


Carting Agent 47 around one of Bangkok’s most lavish hotels was equal parts thrilling and tense. Restrictions on access to the lead singer meant I had to don the disguise of one of his crew, plus his attorney was always accompanied by a bodyguard. Circumventing these two hurdles opened up the playing field. As I slowly took the disguise best suited to traversing the entire hotel, I began to learn the behaviour of my two targets; exposing potential opportunities to perform a flawless takedown. One again, the detail of your surroundings is incredible and even something as small a sushi is realistically crafted in-game.


Since 47 is a guest at the hotel, I could approach from various angles. For starters, I was able to call room service to lure staff to my location. This was certainly handy when I needed a disguise, plus it took hardly any effort to pull off. Another opportunity came via sabotaging one of my target’s modes of transport, a small tuk-tuk that needed fixing with a wrench, before I pierced a nearby oil drum and watched the fireworks. Security if incredibly tight, and as such it makes performing suspicious activity a little tricky at times. Thankfully, if all else fails, the verticality offered by the hotel offers some sneaky ways to deploy a well-aimed, silenced gun shot.


Closing Thoughts

As we enter the second half of Hitman’s first season of episodes, I feel glad to see the series inject a bit more fun into its targets and location. With only two locales left, United States and Japan, I’m eager to see what the team have in store next.

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