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If you’ve just started reading my Hitman coverage, you’ll notice that I’m not reviewing each expansion individually. At the end of its run, and once the developer has finished providing all its major content, I will then score the game as a whole.


Colorado is quite possibly the most elaborate episode yet, presenting a total of 4 contracted hits to deal with. That’s a large amount of targets to juggle on an abandoned farm crawling with high level security. When I initially clapped eyes on Colorado, I had almost hoped that the farm’s nearby mountains cape could be traversable, in order to execute some cheeky sniping head shots. But this episode places you in the thick of it, surrounded by the beady eyes of a large militia unit. I’m unsure what I think of it.

This latest incarnation of Hitman provides a near limitless amount of possibilities, but when I’m in disguise and must circumvent a sea of people who might not recognise me as a familiar face, the fun factor is kind of lost. I understand the need to add layers of difficulty, and I understand it’s been an integral part of this series, but in some cases I’d be far happier not being penalised by such strict rules. That’s my rant over for this latest episode, hopefully Japan will fill me with a bit more cheer.


Closing Thoughts

Hitman’s penultimate episode has made me realise that I have very mixed feelings about the design of its levels. On one hand I adore the elaborate locales its developers manages to concoct, jetting around the world to a variety of exotic locations. I’m incredibly excited to see what they have in store for their last episode, Japan, because I already expect a lavish styling, complete with a vibrant set of colours and a hearty atmosphere. However, though I was also expecting to fall in love with Hitman’s trip to America, I can’t say my expectations have been entirely met. 

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