Microsoft showcased a lot of content in their 2015 Gamescom briefing, including the first gameplay footage of Crackdown 3 and Homefront 2, alongside many on-stage presentations of their upcoming first-party slate.

Here are my most notable parts:

1. Quantum Break gets dated.

Xbox-exclusive time manipulator, Quantum Break, has finally been given a release date after being delayed from 2015 to 2016.

Set to launch on April 5th 2016, developer Remedy will hopefully have provided enough polish to bring Quantum Break (and its tv show) to the forefront of gaming. Actors Dominic Monaghan and Shawn Ashmore will star in the TV show.

2. Halo 5-themed 1TB Xbox One 

A Halo 5-themed Xbox One is always a nice addition for those without one yet. The fact it’s 1TB isn’t a surprise, but the extra space is always welcome.


3. Crackdown 3 features 100% destructible scenery

Apparently so. For quite possibly the first time EVER in an open world video game, all of the scenery is going to be destructible. There must be some catch, right? Xbox One has enough trouble producing 1080p in its games, let alone 100% destructible scenery. Buildings will fall when it releases sometime during 2016.

4. Full DVR functionality coming

If you’ve been wanting to record shows on Xbox, then you can in 2016. It can even record TV when you’re playing games or aren’t even at home. Handy.

5. Backwards Compatibility

Of course everyone knows about Microsoft’s plans for Backward Compatibility, but the firm also announced that all future Xbox 360 games and Games With Gold will be compatible as well.

Adding Xbox One and 360 Games With Gold means double the content every month!

6. First Homefront 2 Gameplay Demo

The first gameplay demo for Homefront 2 was shown. Multiplayer coop will play a huge part and motorbikes will also feature. Xbox owners will get early access to the beta this winter, which isn’t surprising given that Battlefront, Battlefield and COD all seem on Sony’s side.


That’s it from my notable parts of the Microsoft Xbox briefing. What were yours?

Let us know in the comments below!