A few days before Gamescom, I posted an article detailing what I thought would be My Top 5 moments at Gamescom 2015 (linked here), and why I thought they were each going to amaze me.

Now, after having been to the convention, I wanted to revise the list. As there were some totally unexpected, insane moments, that I feel deserve to be part of My Top 5.


1. Star Wars Battlefront


Before heading out to Gamescom, I’d had no hands-on experience with Battlefront, and what I saw in Cologne truly blew me away. The only game mode I got to play was Fighter Squadron, where you can control a Tie Fighter or an X-Wing.

My personal favourite had to be the Tie Fighter, as it’s so satisfying being able to shoot down an X-wing zooming past you. There was a bunch of AI mixed in with the real life players, and this is detailed on the leaderboard, showing you how many AI vs real players you took down.


2. Fallout 4 War Gaming Party


The main reason I’m removing Fallout 4 from My Top 5, is because I didn’t actually go in and see anything of the game, due to it only being a presentation with no hands-on experience.

The War Gaming party however, definitely deserves to come high up in my list. If being welcomed by an open bar wasn’t enough, Martin Garrix also appeared later in the night for an amazing set. After meeting some awesome people from companies such as Twitch and Faceit, we actually ended up being kicked out of the venue at 4am.

Safe to say getting up the next morning was a little bit of a struggle.


3. eSports


eSports definitely did not fail to impress this year, especially being able to get an interview with apEX (a player from my favourite CS:GO team, EnVyUs.) If you were watching the stream, you would’ve have seen some pretty amazing plays coming from this IEM, including KennyS getting an insane 1 v 2 whilst planting the bomb. Click here to see our interview with apEX.


4. Tom Clancy’s The Division Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six Siege


I was super excited to get my hands on The Division after seeing a play through of it at Gamescom 2014. However, the game didn’t live up to expectations, the instructions weren’t very clear, and we weren’t exactly sure what our objective was half the time. It wasn’t as exhilarating as I thought it would be, especially after Joel disconnected from the game and failed to join us again.

Rainbow Six Siege was a lot better than I thought it would be, and reminded me of Counter Strikes’ competitive nature. Although we only got to play two games, which only lasted around 10 minutes in total, I was instantly hooked, especially as you get to survey the map before hand to try and seek out where your enemies might be hiding.


5. VR


There is only one way to describe VR at Gamescom 2015: absolutely mind-blowing!

The first VR headset we got to try out was Morpheus, where we got to pilot a fighter plane – which was stomach churning to say the least. The headset was rather comfortable however, compared to the last Oculus headset I tried out, though you did have to adjust the focus to your preference, and this wasn’t particularly easy to get right first time.

The one VR surprise of Gamescom was being able to try out Valve VR – Vive! After some begging and pleading with the booth, we all got to try out this amazing piece of equipment, with five different scenarios to immerse yourself in.

To say I was blown away is an understatement, as soon as you put on the headset and held the controllers, it felt like you were in an entirely different world. There were an arrange of different activities, including cooking and painting, as well as being spawned in Dota 2. Honestly, there aren’t really any words that can sum up how good Vive is, you just need to try it out for yourself or watch our Vive First Reactions Video for a more in depth review of our experience!


We also got to meet some pretty amazing people at Gamescom, lots of awesome YouTubers, as well as the one and only Amir Khan, straight out of playing Destiny: The Taken King. Overall, Gamescom 2015 was a pretty amazing year, and although some games were a little disappointing, most surpassed my expectations entirely, and I cannot wait for their releases over the next coming months.

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Freya's obsession with gaming began while playing Grand Theft Auto Vice City with her dad, when she was about 6, but as he states in his defence, “Never with the sound turned on.” She loves playing anything including a gun and first-person perspective, with CS:GO, Battlefield and Call of Duty currently marking as her favourites.

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