While the Oculus Rift has been dominating the virtual reality space for the last couple of years, many other companies have been keeping their cards close to their chest, waiting for an opportune moment to unveil their plans for VR and gaming. Though the Oculus has garnered a lot of attention due to the countless mods that are available for the device (even in the device’s ever-evolving form), it’s still a long way off from being made available to the public.

Since Sony officially unveiled their vision for the future with Project Morpheus at the beginning of this year, I’ve been eager to try out the device. After all, I had a huge amount of fun experiencing the Oculus and now Sony are developing a headset specifically for my favourite console, with the goal of providing a plug-and-play experience for a mainstream audience. In other words, with Sony’s upcoming efforts it seems as though they’re going to be the first to introduce it to the console audience, which will hopefully mean some awesome Indie games being made in the process!

Luckily I managed to get a short amount of time with the device, playing a mini game called Street Luge. With the VR headset and a pair of headphones strapped to my face, I sat on a bean bag and got given the induction. I had no controller for the demo (though certain games do require one) and had to instead use my head to control movement. By tilting left or right I could therefore control my movement as I moved down the hill at speed, whilst lying on a skateboard. I was told it would be ideal to avoid any cars to maintain my speed, and that going under trucks would help increase it.

It certainly was a fun experience, as I flew through traffic and tried my best to keep my speed. At current, the resolution of the screen inside Morpheus was adequate, but definitely not the highest quality it can be. In its current state though it’s still probably another couple of years away from mass production, but with Sony behind the wheel I can’t wait to see it hit my living room.

We’ll be keeping an eye on Project Morpheus and will update Start Replay as more information becomes available.

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