If you’re a fan of superheroes and watch those that grace the silver screen, chances are you’ve also wanted to don their glad rags. Trouble is, finding a costume that matches the high-quality seen on film is often an impossible task, and unless you’re willing to spend a truck load of time and money developing your own, then a simple plastic mask or ‘cheap’ costume accessory will have to suffice.

Enter, Morph Costumes.

If you’ve avoided the allure of a skin tight Morph Suit, then you couldn’t choose a better time than now to suit up; Morph Costumes offer a wide selection of highly detailed designs. Though not every design is inherently built to hug the body, each one offers great value for their reasonable £30-40 price tag. Characters such as Spider-Man and Deadpool fit perfectly into the design of a Morph Suit, but those that have masks with an opening for the mouth have the skin portion printed onto it.


Not the most realistic look, but convincing from a distance.

Recently MorphCostume’s sent samples of their Captain America and Iron Man suits, in order for Start Replay to test them out.

Included on both of my deluxe costumes was the Zappar tag, which was situated on the hand of the Iron Man suit, and just below the elbow on Captain America. This tag operates in a similar fashion to that of a QR code, adding special effects once seen through the MorphCostume’s app. Take a look through the camera of your android or apple smart device and, depending on the costume, a signature element will be included on deluxe editions.


On Iron Man you can utilise his repulser beam that generates from the palm, and on Captain America his iconic shield will snap to your arm. It’s a neat feature that allows for some cool  moments through the app, but it’s no doubt an isolated experience. It would have been nice to be able to detach the patches to keep the look a little cleaner when not in use, but I admire the effort made to go above and beyond the functions of your average fancy dress costume.


So, are they worth it?

Overall, I’d give a resounding yes. It’s true that these aren’t the most luxurious costumes and they sure won’t match up 1:1 with their movie counterparts, but the detail placed into the print and design certainly presents a high level of quality nonetheless. Both of these Marvel suits do a grand job for the £40ish they retail for, and the easy fit means less hassle.

Of course there are a handful of negatives to owning a Morph Suit, such as the inability to hide your weight or shape if you’re conscious about body image. That issue is easier to deal with through an outfit with more garments and accessories. Another negative is that you’re going to need to buy some suitable shoes, and it might be hard to match them to your superhero/villain. Lastly is the discolouration that can happen if, such as myself, you have a large nose poking through the material. In my experience the stretch of material results in a bit of a white spot, but that’s on a personal note.

Need a well-rounded costume to impress your friends or live out your favourite superhero fantasy? Head to MorphSuits.co.uk and you’ll be pleasantly surprised.

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