Dreamfall Chapters is an episodic point and click adventure that initially started in 2014. It’s the third and final part to “The Longest Journey” saga (which began in 1999) and its arrival on console aims to introduce newcomers to the series. That said, neither of the first two games in the trilogy are available on current platforms and I’m a bit disappointed that the studio hasn’t made an effort to include them in this Dreamfall Chapters’ console bundle.

Taking place after the events of its predecessor (Dreamfall: The Longest Journey) Dreamfall Chapters focuses on three characters and switches between parallel dimensions: a cyberpunk vision of the future, a magical fantasy land and a broken dreamscape (the place in which dreams reside). For those who haven’t played the series thus far there is a video summary for the plot, however, given that its story spans across the last 18 years I feel it is almost mandatory to play the first two titles  – surprisingly, a remastered version of the first title (The Longest Journey) is available on iOS.

The game takes cues from Telltale’s classic style of storytelling and allows players to affect the story by making decisions at pivotal points. Happily, Dreamfall Chapters forgoes the genre’s fixed camera angles and traditionally restrictive views by introducing an over-the-shoulder perspective. It also features some stellar voice acting and its vibrant art design leaves quite an impression.

For a pack that’s supposed to contain the definitive version of Dreamfall Chapters by including a bunch of graphical upgrades and enhancements, I was taken aback by the game’s often-choppy frame rate. It boils down to poor optimisation on the developer’s part and something that I’m sure will get fixed with patches, but it’s still a shame to see. If you enjoy point and click adventures then I’d recommend Dreamfall Chapters, but if you’re looking for the complete experience then I suggest beginning with the first two games: The Longest Journey and Dreamfall: The Longest Journey.

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