Everything is a game that I don’t think would be suited to a standard review, so instead I’m going to give you my impressions…

For many gamers Everything is probably a bit too abstract to even be considered something of substance. Then again, others might resonate with its outlook on life and find it a peaceful, emotional or sad journey. Personally, I love games which take a back seat in order to let you connect emotionally, but even for me Everything is a bit far fetched.

Described as a “simulation of reality as a phenomenon of interdependent systems” Everything sounds a bit complex. It can’t be placed into a genre that makes it instantly recognisable and I would even hesitate to call it a game, because it isn’t one – at least, not in the traditional sense.

In Everything anything can be inhabited. As you bumble across its vast universe of ‘things’ you can ascend from a mere rock, to an entire planet or even a universe. Instead of presenting highly detailed graphics, its design and animations are simplified to ensure that the game doesn’t crumble under the weight of unnecessarily power hungry assets. You’ll notice in the trailer above just how jagged an animal’s movement is, something that caught me off guard to begin with.

As you gradually start to discover more of Everything the game will play excerpts from the philosopher, Alan Watts. Watts passed away in 1973, however his recordings are featured in an attempt to provoke an emotional response from players. Alongside his insight into the world and its existence, Everything aims to portray a different perspective on life.

This game can be interpreted in so many different ways and every player is almost guaranteed to have a different experience. It’s been a struggle to formulate my opinion on the game, but hopefully my thoughts have provided an insight into this abstract adventure.


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