If, like me, you’re a bit of an amateur when it comes to playing the insanely popular first-person shooter Counter-Strike:Global Offensive, then you’ll probably be looking for for the very best tips to get you started.

The chaps over at CS:GOPEDIA give both newcomers and seasoned veterans a chance to up their game by providing all the top statistics of professional CS:GO players. This includes their in-game settings and the equipment they use, which is useful to know should you be looking to grab the best gear to play with.

Not only do CS:GOPEDIA present 210 configurations of pro players, but they also allow you to generate your own crosshair by altering its size, thickness and colour etc. Alternatively, if you’re a particular fan of a certain CS:GO players’ crosshair you can opt to generate theirs, too.

As a newcomer, CS:GOPEDIA gives me all the information I need to begin my journey as a professional player. I now have a definitive guide of which equipment to invest in should I want to replicate the pro’s, plus I can even tailor my own crosshair to help me focus during play.

Head over to csgopedia.com and check it out for yourself.



*This article has been paid for by CS:GOPEDIA.

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