Wargaming is a hugely successful company that profits strategically from its free-to-play business model. However, it’s much more than a money-hungry corporate machine. Their undying love for the vehicles that have aided armies on the battlefield, stretches far beyond the digital boundaries of online warfare. One glance at their work beyond making games, such as lending their talents to tank museums, the film industry, and commemorative milestones, proves they are an ever evolving company.

2016 marks 100 years since the deployment of the first tank on the battlefield, the Mark I. It’s a poignant moment that re-shaped the landscape of war itself. It wasn’t the fastest or most deadly machine, but it was a start; a spark of British engineering that ignited a lethal revolution. In order to celebrate its introduction to WW1, Wargaming are holding a special event in London, placing the Mark I front and centre in Trafalgar Square. But it doesn’t stop there.

Digging into their talents as game designers, they are also releasing their first augmented reality application. The ‘Tank 100’ app will allow users to replicate the Mark I tank, virtually, wherever they point their smart phone or tablet. Without leaving their main player base out in the cold, World of Tanks will introduce a time-specific mode featuring the Mark I, pitting players against each other. The unique experience will land across all platforms, being tailored made for PC, home consoles and mobile, allowing all tank enthusiasts to fully realise the detail and scope of the battlefield’s first ever tank.

It’s hard to believe a company as big and successful as Wargaming would make such an effort to commemorate the vehicles they’ve built their success upon. Indeed, it proves that they are truly passionate about the history they draw from. Some people say video games are bad for you, I beg to differ, and implore anyone interested in the history of war to follows Wargaming’s future developments.

Why not download the Tank100 app now, and start your journey into the rich history of an engineering marvel.

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