After years of hard work, popular MMO developer recently saw their ambitious World War trilogy come to bloom. Having already developed ground and aerial combat with World of Tanks and World of Warplanes, the Cyprus-based company has finally taken to the high seas with their latest title, World of Warships.

Recently I was fortunate enough to attend the game’s launch event, which was located at the historic dockyard in Chatham. Originally utilised by the Royal Navy as one of its main facilities, the dockyard was in operation for several hundred years, until its closure in 1984. The grounds are now used as an exhibit, which proved a perfect place for World of Warships to celebrate its launch.

During the event I managed to speak with Wargaming’s CEO Victor Kislyi, which resulted in an inside look at the operation of the company and what lies in its future. We started off by chatting about the already-established World of Tanks and the bonus of soon getting the game onto Sony platforms without the need for an online subscription, unlike Xbox.

“When it comes to certain platforms, we have to play by the rules. With Microsoft there is only so much red tape we can get them to lift, but at the end of the day they are a big company doing their own business, and we respect that. When Sony came to us and said that players wouldn’t require any online subscription, of course we took that opportunity. We respect both Microsoft and Sony, regardless of their pre-existing eco-system and rules.”

Victor continued by expressing his own personal hope of getting everyone to play together, regardless of which platform they’re on.

“In our mobile tank game, Blitz, we’ve managed to allow iOS players to play with Android players. That’s a big win, not just for us, but more importantly for the fans. If we could ever get to the stage of having all the bigger companies lift those restrictions, maybe allowing Sony players to battle with their friends on PC, Mac or Xbox, that would be brilliant. But we never aim to break the rules, we only try to facilitate change.”

Victor added that the PlayStation 4 Beta for World of Tanks was aiming for an autumn 2015 start date, but as to whether we might see his new title, World of Warships, sailing onto consoles in the near future as well, there’s a long road ahead first.

“It’s a natural way to think that Warships will expand onto consoles. Having said that, each title is very expensive and requires hundreds of people within its development, who work on the technology and dig into the research. 

As any good game takes no less than 3 or maybe 4 years to develop, it’s a big investment of time and resources. Of course we’d love to do everything in one go, but at the moment we have to concentrate on World of Warships on PC. We’re thinking about consoles, it’s just going to require some time.”

So for those looking for naval battles on console, you might want to stick to Assassin’s Creed: Black Flag in the meantime.

Before wrapping up, I also touched upon his views on VR and its potential within Wargaming.

“It’s very exciting, not just for us and gaming, but in today’s world. The reality, however, is that it’s still in the early stages of development and not in every home. Technologically we’re ready, not 100%, but we’re set to jump into it when the time comes. As long as it gets the traction it needs and it’s the massive phenomenon it’s intends to become, then count us on board.”

World of Warships is now available to download through You can also keep an eye out for our review which will be published very soon.

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