**Spoiler notice** This article contains spoilers from previous Resistance titles.

With SCCE Limited trademarking an application for “Resistance”, rumours have sparked of a new title in the franchise. Here’s what I’d like to see in a future Resistance game, should the rumours pan out..


As much as I enjoyed Resistance Retribution, the next instalment of the Resistance franchise needs to be on the next-gen and not on the PS Vita like Resistance Burning Skies. The Resistance series would really make use of what the Playstation 4 has to offer, with their unique visual style and the enhanced power of the PS4, these elements would come together to truly enhance the story.

Leave the U.S

I feel that we’ve explored much of the U.S in recent Resistance outings, and exploring other areas of the world could breathe new life into the series. Frankly, I’m getting a little fed up of heading back to New York to take out a Chimera tower. I would like to explore and revisit some of the areas from Resistance 1 and Retribution such as Rotterdam and Bracknell (Yes Bracknell is a location in both Resistance 1 and 2, surprised me too). A refreshing trip to Europe could do the series well, or perhaps Russia, maybe even Africa.

Bring back James Grayson

Grayson was a bad-ass, and a distinct change from the protagonists of the other games not only because he was British, but also because we saw the loss of his Brother and how this affected him. This was a man with a grudge against the Chimera, and he was fighting these beasts not just to survive, but because he wanted to. Perhaps we follow the now Chimera infected super soldier version of Greyson that we saw at the end of Retribution, fighting through Chimera plagued Russia and Europe.

Bring back Nathan Hale

I know this slightly contradicts my previous points of leaving the US, and bringing back Grayson. However, how great would it be to see Hale back as a villain? If you cast your mind back to the end of Resistance 2, you will remember Hale succumbs to the Chimera virus and is under control of the Chimera Hive mind, but he is soon after executed by a gunshot to the head by Joseph Capelli.
If the writers could somehow bring Hale back as a big bad villain for a fight against Capelli, or Grayson, or Capelli and Grayson which leads me onto my next point…

Bring Capelli and Grayson together

Bringing these two heroes of Resistance together would be amazing, they could team up to fight against a Chimera controlled Hale which could lead to some awesome co-op opportunities, or maybe the player could control Capelli fighting in the US and at the same time journey through Europe with Grayson.

These are just a few ideas of mine for a potential future Resistance game and I will be sat here waiting patiently for news of Resistance 4, hoping that whoever ends up producing it, has read this article…

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