In your opinion, which of these is the greatest asset to have when in battle?

A. Power, and lots of it.

B. Speed, agility, and stealth.

C. Great weapons, as well as a bit of magic here and there.


If you could choose just one accessory to complete your outfit, what would it be?

A. Fur neck wrap.

B. A cape.

C. A belt.


What’s your favourite colour?

A. Can’t beat grey and silver.

B. Red.

C. Yellow.


Which trait best describes your personality?

A. I’m tough and very thick skinned.

B. I’m quite sneaky and can often get away with stuff others can’t.

C. I don’t ever feel down for long, and do my best to make others better.


What’s your favourite class of weapon to use in an average first person shooter?

A. Assault rifles.

B. Snipers.

C. Submachine guns.



Mostly A’s – Titan



You’re a strong character, both physically and emotionally, and you can make your way through every obstacle in life using any means necessary. You’re the first into any battle scene, but always have enough power to take anyone on.


Mostly B’s – Hunter



You’re a very precise, focused person, but also speedy when the timcomes. Some may compare you to an assassin due to your sneaky ways, but you always get the job done.


Mostly C’s – Warlock



You know not to let things hurt you, and even if they do, you’re not down for long. You’re pretty much Gandalf with a gun, and you’re not always down for taking down enemies in an average way.