Which video game character are you?


1 – You go down to the kitchen fancying a snack, but you see that the biscuit tin is on top of a high shelf out of reach. Do you:

A) Jump, leap and bound up the walls using your parkour skills?

B) Get your handy hook and grapple and climb up

C) Whip out your RPG and just blow the shelf down of course

D) Are you crazy? I’m tall enough to reach the top of any shelf


2 – You’re going out tonight with a few friends, what is your first choice of clothing?

A) Dungarees are always comfy and suitable for any occasion

B) Shorts and a tank, simple and ready for anything

C) Who cares? What I wore yesterday…?

D) Full out power armour, you never know what you’re going to get into


3 – It’s coming up to your birthday, what is top of your wish list?

A) Lots of mushrooms and a new hat if I’m lucky

B) A new pistol

C) A big booty hoe

D) A shiny new helmet


4 – Your favourite colour is:

A) Bright red or bright blue

B) Earthly colours, like brown

C) Crimson

D) Dark green


5 –  Your car breaks down and your stuck in the middle of no where. What do you do?

A) I don’t use a car, I use dinosaurs as transport

B) I can run to the next town to find help easily enough

C) Hijack somebody else’s car

D) Use your super strength to get it back to life


6 – Where are we most likely to find you relaxing on a Saturday evening?

A) Chilling with my princess in a castle after a hard days work

B) In the gym or at the pool. Oh the one in my house by the way

C) At the bar or a club

D) I don’t have time to relax! I have to fulfil my duties


7 – What’s your favourite console?

A) Any Nintendo console

B) Play Station

C) Which ever is the easiest to steal

D) Xbox


Mostly A’s = Mario

You’re a lively, energetic person who is always very reliable, and trusted by all your friends. Nothing will stop you from getting to your final goal, even if it means getting a little bit hurt in the process.


Mostly B’s = Lara Croft from Tomb Raider

You’re a strong, independent character that can get through any task when you set your mind to it. You live a relatively high class life, and enjoy keeping fit and active in your spare time


Mostly C’s = Trevor from GTA

You’re a pretty crazy character to say the least, and can let your emotions get the better of you sometimes, without seeing where it’ll lead you. But to be honest, you’re not really bothered about what other people think of you, and are quite confident in your own abilities.


Mostly D’s = Masterchief from Halo

Your super human strength is your best asset, as well as your non-stop ability to keep on powering through, even in tough times. You’re fairly independent, but do rely on the support from others time to time, just to keep you down to earth.

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Freya Spiers

Freya's obsession with gaming began while playing Grand Theft Auto Vice City with her dad, when she was about 6, but as he states in his defence, “Never with the sound turned on.” She loves playing anything including a gun and first-person perspective, with CS:GO, Battlefield and Call of Duty currently marking as her favourites.

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