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Whilst Rocksteady’s send off for Batman has been bittersweet, it doesn’t take a genius to figure out that another game is already underway. Question is, which beloved studio is brave enough to take the reigns, or rather, which studio is lucky enough to get given them?

Warner Bros. Montréal did a commendable job on the Arkham trilogy spin-off, Arkham Origins, but it didn’t match the notable heights the series is known for. It might be sad to realise, but you should probably count them out of the running in continuing the series. One slip up is one too many.

No, if Warner Bros. Entertainment gives Batman to someone else it’s going to be someone they already have ties with, alongside being a studio that understands how to perfect an open-world game.

There aren’t a lot of developers that know how to craft a great open-world title, all the while maintaining a high mark of quality throughout. There’s Rockstar, but I think we all know they’ve got enough under their belt to last them the foreseeable future. Who else would you trust to take over Batman in video games?

Middle-earth developer Monolith could also be a front runner, particularly after their recent success with Shadow of Mordor, but due to that success they may well be working on a Middle-earth sequel.

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Avalanche Studios are best known for their work on the Just Cause series, and seeing as both the third Just Cause title and Warner Bros. courted Mad Max are both out in 2015, you have to ask yourself: what would a high-ranking developer such as Avalanche be working on next? They haven’t announced anything for the future, plus two of their biggest titles are already finalised/available. Something is happening behind-the-scenes, of that you can be sure.

It’s exciting to speculate who might develop another Batman game, but where exactly could the series lead to next? Would a continuation of the Arkham-verse be a good idea? Could a Batman Beyond setting finally be on the cards, or will the games take inspiration from the upcoming movies featuring Superman and Batman? It definitely makes sense. I guess we’ll know soon enough who’ll be taking care of B-man for his future endeavours.

With rumours circulating that Arkham Asylum and Arkham City will receive the remaster treatment, it’s a good bet that the fifth Arkham game (if they even continue the series) is a long way off. I suspect we won’t even begin to learn about its existence until at least late-2016, though 2017 is more likely.

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