It’s surprising to think that only a handful of developers have taken on the inspiring ‘Photo Mode’, and I’m here to argue why more people need to put it in their games.

Recently seen in Naughty Dog’s ‘The Last of Us Remastered’ and Sucker Punch’s ‘inFamous: Second Son’, Photo Mode allows players to freeze the action on-screen and adjust the camera angles, enabling anyone to frame glorious in-game shots and share them with the world.

139829056547(One example of an image captured during inFamous: Second Son’s Photo Mode)

Both of those titles are beautiful and the images that some people have managed to create have been astounding. Though, for the latest Arkham game from Rocksteady (which looks fantastic), there hasn’t even been any consideration for implementing the feature.

That’s not to say the feature couldn’t be seen in a future update, but what might be restricting Rocksteady from including what must be a seemingly ‘simple’ option? Also, who wouldn’t want to see what a community of passionate players could could come up with photo-wise?

I know that if I was a developer, I’d be incredibly happy to let players freeze the action at any one point; capturing stunning photos and letting their creativity run wild. My mind boggles at the prospect of moving the camera around, getting in close on the action and adding filters for artistic effect, or doing none of that and simply letting the game’s graphics engine speak for itself.

I think it’s about time that fans let Rocksteady know whether there’s an interest in an Arkham Knight ‘Photo Mode’, so below is a poll to start gathering everyone’s thoughts.

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