When it comes to tank MMOs (massively multiplayer online games) World of Tanks (WOT) is pretty much top dog. The game regularly pulls in thousands of players and provides a lot of content for those aiming to rise the ranks of their tanks and reign supreme in PvP action. After the game finally landed on consoles a couple of years ago its user base has grown and now Wargaming are providing something extra for those playing on PlayStation or Xbox: single-player DLC.

Oh, did I mention that it’s also completely FREE?

That’s right! If you haven’t already noticed, World of Tanks has been given free single-player DLC on consoles – called War Stories.

Recently, Wargaming were kind enough to get in contact and one of their PR Managers popped by to show me some of the latest content to hit War Stories. Personally, I’m a big fan of story-driven experiences and often find it hard to stick to an entirely online-centric experience, especially one that doesn’t back up its gameplay with any substantial narrative or plot points. Over the space of an hour I managed to get my mitts on the new console-exclusive mode and whilst it doesn’t quite hit the punchy, linear story beats of a Call of Duty or Battlefield title, War Stories is certainly helping to carve out a new direction for World of Tanks and its future.

Currently there are three episodes to dive into: Brothers In Armour, Flashpoint Berlin and Operation Sealion (a fourth called ‘Kennedy’s War’ is due out in October). Each story is set on an entirely new map and features its own set of objectives, these include: defending an area successfully, wiping out the enemy, and completing the chapter within a given time limit. In order to give a bit more weight to the story-driven aspect each chapter is also introduced by a narrated cutscene.

When it comes to the production value behind these stories it’s clear that Wargaming are treading carefully before plugging the new mode with money. The cutscenes look like cheaply animated comic book panels and the mission objectives don’t seem substantial enough, however, the fact that the company has decided to move forward with this at all is a pleasant surprise, especially when you consider its zero-sum entry fee. They’re dipping their toes in the water and if the reaction is positive, then you can guarantee more War Stories in the future.

To celebrate the release of War Stories Wargaming has been kind enough to provide us with some sweet gear to give away, including a few World of Tanks -exclusive PlayStation 4 controllers, pictured below.

We’ll be releasing a video soon on how you can enter this brilliant competition to win one (as well as some other swag we’ll be giving away), so keep your eyes peeled on our social media channels.

In the meantime make sure you head onto World of Tanks to play some War Stories and let us know your thoughts in the comments below! 

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