Ever since Microsoft revealed the Xbox One back in early 2013, I said it was doomed. It hurt me to say it, as I was and still am a bit of a Microsoft fanboy. However, the Xbox’s need for the Kinect, the fact that you couldn’t trade in or share games with your friends after you bought them and most importantly, its inferior power in comparison to the PS4 really were the nail in the coffin for Microsoft’s £400 VCR player. I still feel that the ‘Next Generation’ of consoles isn’t really that next gen, and that goes for Sony’s PS4 as well. I bought a PS4, and I still feel when compared to the Xbox One the PS4 is far superior. Its speed, particularly in the OS, its ease of use and its size really sets it apart from Microsoft’s product. The Xbox One is huge, clunky to use and often very slow.



BUT, and it is a huge but, the Xbox One has some truly awesome exclusives. The exclusives, alongside the multi platform games and the support it receives from developers (likely in return for lots of digits) has led to me actually ordering one… It pains me, but the lure of Halo: Master Chief Collection in 60fps is just too much, as after all I played my 360 more than my PS3 and a large part of that is down to Halo. I would not be buying one if it wasn’t for the Halo series being an Xbox exclusive. It is going to rock, in fact it already rocks as many of the Start Replay team including myself found out after having a go at Gamescom 2014. Then just a few months down the line after Halo MCC, Halo 5: Guardians Beta comes out. It is going to be awesome, and I feel that Halo is the ‘Last Stand Perk’ that Microsoft will always have it in its loadout when compared to Sony. If it wasn’t for Halo, I think we would be seeing a 90/10 ratio of PS4’s to Xbox One’s sold, and if that took place then developers would lose interest etc etc, its all bad news from there.

Microsoft also has support for new exclusives that are coming through, such as Sunset Overdrive. Although I am still rather skeptical about Sunset Overdrive having played it, I can still see it doing well and being at least a 7/10 when we review it. Secondly, the console bundles that Microsoft are releasing are a very attractive concept, I for one have pre-ordered the White Xbox One Bundle with Sunset Overdrive. Further to that, the price is now affordable, especially without the Kinect.


I love the PS4, and it is the superior console. The LBP, Uncharted and The Last Of Us series’ are all a testament to that fact. But, for November at least the Xbox One is the console that will be being turned on, or turning me on..? I still often get confused by those two. Sony has dominated already, and will continue to do so for the forseeable future. But as I and many other consumers have found (look at the sales figures!), there is still life in the slow, ugly, huge and clunky VCR player that is the Xbox One. Its here to stay, and Microsoft has Master Chief and Bungie to thank for that. He can save his fellow Spartans, and he has also saved the Xbox name. Hopefully ‘Chief’ will be getting a nice Christmas bonus this year!

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