Last Thursday saw the sudden release of Overwatch’s 24th Hero and it was not the one people were expecting. Rumours have been circling for months about the prospect of ‘Brooklyn Nine Nine’ actor Terry Crews joining the Overwatch cast as the much teased character, Doomfist.

However, this past week the Overwatch social media accounts started teasing a new character called Efi Oladele, an 11 year old inventor from Numbani with notable achievements in robotics and artificial intelligence. Now, as great an actor as Terry Crews is, not many people would believe he’d be able to voice an 11 year old girl, so the Doomfist hype train was derailed.


Orisa is a guardian robot created by Efi Oladele to protect the city of Numbani as the current OR15 defense units used to defend the “City of Harmony” were being decimated by villains such as Doomfist. The whole story is quite reminisent of Big Hero Six with the tale of a young child and a robot guardian.

Orisa plays the role of the central anchor of her team, a role with very little depth before as Reinhardt was previously the only other hero who could fulfill that role. She can defend her allies with her shield barrier, deal out long range damage with her fusion driver, launch a supercharger boosting her allies damage output, and disrupt the enemy’s ranks with her graviton charges.

For a full list of her weapons and abilities, please see below:

  • Fusion Driver: This is Orisa’s primary weapon. It’s an automatic-weapon which fires a projectile cannon at fast speeds. The Driver has a large magazine however it also has some spread, making it less effective at extreme long range. Firing whilst moving slows Orisa’s movement speed by half.
  • Halt!: Orisa can launch an energy ball of graviton toward to her crosshair in linear line. This works as a shorter less powerful version of Zarya’s Graviton Surge Ultimate, bringing nearby enemies in close together and out of cover.
  • Fortify: A personal effect ability, Fortify will provide Orisa with a 50% damage reduction over a period of four seconds, and block many hero abilities that would cause movement penalties such as Mcrees Flash Bang and Mei’s Blizzard ultimate.
  • Protective Barrier: Orisa can launch a stationary protective barrier down on the ground, protecting her and her allies.
  • Supercharger (Ultimate): Orisa’s Ultimate ability. She can deploy a device; called “The Drum”, directly at her feet, then the device will provide all allied characters in line of sight with a fifty percent damage boost, as long as they stay in range of the The Drum. The device will last for long duration until it disappears or destroyed by the enemies.

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