Gearbox software are known for their comedic take on action games, and Battleborn is proving to be no exception. The new ‘Can’t get enough’ trailer in celebration of Gamescom, displays the different game types and some new characters in the upcoming FPS/MOBA.

Be sure to look out for some of us from the Start Replay team at the Gamescom event in Cologne!

Check the trailer out here!

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Theo Chapman

Theo is the youngest member of the Start Replay team. He has been gaming ever since he and his brother, Joel, got their hands on a PS2 during Christmas of 2003. As a fan of single-player adventures such as Uncharted and all of the Telltale series, he mainly sticks to story-filled titles to dig into for review, but won’t say no to the occasional game of Fifa. Shoot him a message through his email if you’d like to get in contact.

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