DICE are releasing a new content project that involves all avid battlefield fans. They are giving you the chance to help create a new map for Battlefield 4, which will be released as free DLC.

“You will get to shape a playable map based on your input and expertise on what makes a fun multiplayer level,” Developer DICE LA wrote on the Battlefield website.

DICE say they will be starting with a “blank canvas”, and together with Battlefield 4 Premium users will create a map that eventually will be released to all players, across all consoles and of course PC. The studio will share “behind the scenes details” of what it takes to build an entire Battlefield 4 map, and players will also be able to submit feedback regarding the new map directly to DICE LA.

You can start submitting your feedback for the new map right now, through the Battlefield 4 forums.

DICE have also announced “Winter Patch” for Battlefield 4, which will be released some time during March.


Source: Gamespot

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