Since a fully fledged sequel has been waylaid into 2017 I’ve been eager to learn about Destiny’s future, particularly new content for me to sink my teeth into. It’s no surprise that Bungie’s new expansion, Rise of Iron, looks set to start Year 2 with a bang.

Bungie’s content drop is set to feature a bunch of new content, not to mention an entirely new area on earth to explore.

Including a new campaign story, brand new faction and a fresh six-player Raid, Rise of Iron will hopefully prove to be worth the wait. The Light Level will increase, though at the moment the exact level isn’t confirmed. Judging from previous adjustments we can probably expect the current level of 335 to bump up to around 355.

If that wasn’t enough, the infamous Gjallarhorn rocket launcher will be returning. All players will receive the item through a specific mission, but those who pre-order this expansion will acquire a sleek black and silver model, pictured below.

I expect Heavy Ammo drops during multiplayer will become even more hectic now.


Destiny: Rise of Iron will release exclusively on PS4 and Xbox One on September 20th, missing out on older platforms.

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