Gears Of War is back! The new instalment is being developed by The Coalition (previously known as Black Tusk Studios), after taking over the series from Epic Games in 2014.

If you haven’t seen the E3 Gameplay footage, check it out below:

We see two characters take centre stage in the footage, a woman named Kait and a man named JD.

The pair start to walk through a pretty eerie setting (which appears to be a fortress), torch in hand, to suddenly be greeted by some sort of monster jumping from the decaying rooftops. As they start to chase the monster, a huge storm suddenly strikes.

The race is now on to get inside, made a lot more difficult by the landscape being destroyed, and the atmosphere suddenly becomes a whole lot more creepy. This is where the graphics are really shown off, as some of the actions taking place during the storm, like the lightening strikes and crumbling of the fortress, look exceptionally cool.

By the end, they are confronted with one hell of a battle, which ends with JD being pinned down by a strange creature, which has not yet been identified. The game isn’t set to be launched until 2016 however, so it might be some time until we find out what the fate of the duo really is.

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