Back in 2005 Double Fine Productions released their first ever title – Psychonauts.

It never gained commercial success, but it was regarded as an instant classic and received critical acclaim. Since the original’s release, however, fans have been clamouring for a sequel to the mind-bending 3D adventure title.

For many years it’s been a distant dream for fans and its original developers, but the team have finally decided to make a long-awaited sequel a reality.

Psychonauts 2 is gathering funding from a myriad of sources, but $3,300,000 is needed from crowdfunding. Less than a day into the campaign and the project has already garnered over 41% of its target. There are 34 days left and it’s evident its initial funding period is going to be smashed in no time.

As to whether stretch goals might be added is anyone’s guess, but if fan demand massively outweighs initial predictions, you can be sure that Double Fine Productions will think carefully on how to make Psychonauts 2 even better.

You can help support the game now by making it into the credits for just $10! There are a plethora of options when it comes to how you invest your money — how about attending a brain storming session whilst playing board games with the team at their offices for $5,000?

No matter what you give, your help will enable Psychonauts 2 to become a long-overdue reality.

CLICK HERE to head over to and place down your hard-earned cash and learn more about what’s on offer.


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