*After direct contact from Rebellion PR I have amended the title, as it was originally a little misleading. Rebellion confirms that they “have not announced a new Judge Dredd game or that one is in development”, however that doesn’t mean they aren’t receiving pitches for one.

Original story…  

Judge Dredd is an awesome character on film and in comics, but so far video games have failed to bring justice to the Judge himself. Thankfully, that looks set to change since 2000AD owner and development studio Rebellion, has put out an open call to other developers to pitch their ideas for a Dredd game.

Through an extensive report featured in the latest issue of MCV, CEO of Rebellion Jason Kingsley has opened up about his intentions when it comes to getting a new 2000AD-related title in production, and despite initial excitement to produce a title in-house, he quickly realised it wasn’t a feasible option.

Kingsley “wanted to do more 2000 AD games” but recognised staffing and space were an issue, so the best way to move forward was to open up their licenses to other studios. In the interview Kingsley expresses his frustration with regards to not being able to fulfil the wishes of 2000AD fans, but wondered if other people would be “interested in playing with the toys” they have.

Whether the Judge Dredd game is a small mobile title or “an open world city” experience, Rebellion is considering everything. Whilst the idea of a sandbox Dredd game seems like a dream come true, the team are incredibly surprised by the amount of pitches that have started to come in. They are already in “the very early stages” of sifting through a surprising number of “big and small” game ideas.

Even though a sequel to Karl Urban’s 2012 Judge Dredd film doesn’t seem likely, the potential for a fully-fledged Dredd game is high. Perhaps Karl Urban could continue his iteration of Dredd in an open world video game? Personally, I’d like to see Avalanche Studios take the reigns and utilise their knowledge of open world games to showcase Dredd’s gritty criminal underworld. One thing is for sure: anything is possible.

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