Just Cause 3 screenshots revealed!

You can see the gallery of screenshots above.

After an anticipated wait, a batch of new Just Cause 3 screenshots have shown up, displaying the all new wing suit, along with many other mechanics.

As you would expect, Square Enix seem to have gone all out graphically this time around, with a stunning environment and beautifully textured vehicles (Land and Air!).

While not having been officially released by Square Enix themselves, the screenshots were first unveiled by a user on NeoGAF , Despite this, they still look reliable and legitimate, and I believe them to be the real deal.

It is safe to say we are all very excited for more moments like this in the new instalment, and I cannot wait!

Tell us what new features you would like to see, or are excited for in the comments below!


Just cause 3 is set to release this summer for PC, PS4 and Xbox One.