King’s new game AlphaBetty Saga has been launched today, and if it’s anything like the Candy Crush Saga, you’re going to be extremely addicted. In this new land, players are set off on a bold new quest as a young mouse named Betty. She is following her grandfather, named Professor Alpha, and his assistant, Barney, as they aim to complete the “Encyclopedia of Everything”. This is where your job comes in, as you are challenged to find words in a grid of letters, and of course there are a number of game modes for you to delve into.

Scoring is the most simple out of the five game modes, simply create words and achieve the target score set. Cheese falls sets you the challenge of bringing down chunks of cheese to the bottom of the board, whereas Cheddar Spreader tasks you with spreading cheese under multiple board tiles. In Word Frenzy, your main aim is to collect a target number of words containing the target number of letters, and the last named Bubble Pop, tasks you with including a letter inside a bubble in a word, in order to make it pop.

If you think that’s not enough, there are a phenomenal 140 levels for you to get your teeth into, divided into three chapters: London, Egypt and New York.

There are also lots of fun surprises to collect along the way, which can help you to beat the more difficult levels along your quest.

This is the first word based game that King have released, and offers players a “brand new strategic thinking experience with a rich story adventure at it’s core”.

Download AlphaBetty Saga here from the Google Play Store.

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