Having been teased since late 2012, any detail regarding the next entry in the Mass Effect series has been scrutinised to death.

Until recently, only a handful of concept art and a few seconds of in-engine footage had been shown, but during EA’s presser at E3 2015 in the last week it appears Bioware are finally ready to start lifting the veil on Mass Effect’s future.

Below is the teaser trailer that was released, more details after the jump.

After exhausting Commander Shepherd‘s storyline in the original trilogy, Andromeda is a sequel but only in the spiritual sense. No original characters are slated to return and Shepherd won’t be involved in any way.

Starting with a clean slate, the trailer does indeed present a fresh and more open-ended feel to the gameplay.

Whilst an unnamed space ranger – wearing N7 uniform might I add – survey’s a list of locations, there certainly seems no end in variety. With the Mako returning in a more agile form, might the gameplay allow us to visit different worlds and participate in a dynamic mission system? Perhaps each world will feature a huge explorable area, almost akin to ME1, bringing with it meticulous detail thanks to the extra power of the Frostbite 3 engine?

Though the footage above isn’t necessarily captured directly from gameplay, at the end it does say “Captured In Engine” and “Representative Of Game Experience”. Either way, it looks absolutely cracking!

Bioware confirmed on their Mass Effect Twitter feed that more info will be coming on N7 day, which translates to November 7th 2015.

Mass Effect: Andromeda is confirmed for released during Holiday 2016 for PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC.



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