The latest hint in the story of the next Call Of Duty title has been released. A few days ago, we posted this article, regarding a leak from a reported Anonymous affiliate. His tweet can be seen below:

This leak came from an unofficial source, and one that we struggled to prove as legitimate. However, Raj Patel, the Xbox Community Manager, posted the following tweet, adding more speculation to what we saw from the unofficial leak by an Anonymous member:


So now we have two separate sources, one of which is from an official Xbox Employee, confirming the time of the release, being “10 Am PDT/1PM EST May 4, 2015”. This can be seen after the Morse Code in the image is translated, and states the following: “Presented by Xbox, 10 Am PDT/1PM EST May 4, 2015.”.

So we have the time of the event, however what is it that Xbox will be potentially revealing on May 4th? Well, in the original leak from Anonymous, it showed that Call Of Duty’s next iteration will in fact be World At War 2. Although, after the release, many in the media stated that this is an unofficial leak and likely to be false. However, amongst the Braille in the image released by Raj Patel, Xbox’s community manager, we can see a large II/2. It is Treyarch’s time to develop the next Call Of Duty, and we have already seen a Black Ops 2. So, have we just been given an official leak, stating the next Call Of Duty could well be World At War 2? I believe so. This also ties in with the special relationship between Xbox and Activision.

We can look further into this, with the II/2 on both leaks being a red colour, how does this tie in with the original World At War aesthetics and box art? Well, although it is a long shot, the original World At War box art was predominantly black and white, with the only other colour being small splashes of red, creating the main image. So there is a (small) link there. However, Raj Patel has since tweeted that that image was purely tweeted as unofficial and not a tease. Interesting, but insignificant I feel.

We have two leaks, one from an official source, one from an unofficial source. Both confirm the same thing, with the reveal date and game title matching up? Time will tell, but I’ve got my money on Xbox revealing Call Of Duty World At War 2 on May 4th.