The latest expansion to Pokémon The Trading Card Game is out now, with Pokémon TCG: XY – Primal Clash introducing new booster packs and theme decks.

Alongside the booster packs, theme decks Earth’s Pulse and Ocean’s Core introduce more than 160 new cards to collect and play – better get a new binder ready to hold them all in! I enjoyed playing the new expansion during a press event held in London, thought I did lose. I think I’m going to need to put a bit more practice in.


(My time with Pokémon The Trading Card Game: XY – Primal Clash.)

Some of the key features of the new expansion include:

  • 31 Trainer cards with four secret rare cards, four full-art rare Ultra cards and two Special Energy cards.
  • Ancient Traits make their first appearance and give certain advantages in battle, similar to Abilities. These appear on 10% to 20% of Pokémon in XY – Primal Clash.
  • 12 new Pokémon-EX cards include Sharpedo-EX, Trevenant-EX, Wailord-EX, and Camerupt-EX, alongside two new Mega Evolution Pokémon: Mega Aggron-EX and Mega Gardevoir-EX.

Never played Pokémon The Trading Card Game? How about visiting to get involved and find possible Pokémon Leagues in your area. I’ve still got my original 151, they still use them, right?

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