At long last the PlayStation 4 Slim (which will simply be called PS4), was officially announced last week. However, after a slew of leaks and hands-on impressions due to a rogue shipment of consoles, the ‘Slim’ was the least surprising piece of news.

The most impactful info came via the reveal of PlayStation Pro – formerly known as Neo. This ‘beefed up’ console will exist alongside the normal PS4, but include the ability to output games at 4K resolution, as well as utilise HDR (High Dynamic Range). The latter feature will also come as a patch to standard PlayStation 4s, but those looking for a superior gaming experience should probably opt for the Pro.

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With double the amount of power in its GPU, developers will be given the chance to increase their games’ graphical fidelity; upping frame rate, anti-aliasing (removing jagged edges) and providing a smoother overall experience.

The ‘Slim’ will release on September 15th for £259, and the Pro will land on November 10th 2016 for £349. Keep an eye out for an extended feature on both consoles in the coming days.


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