How exciting.

After engaging gamers everywhere with Heavy Rain and Beyond: Two Souls, French developer Quantic Dream has finally lifted the curtain on their next project.

Back in 2011 the studio released a PlayStation 3 tech demo in order to showcase what was possible with the hardware at the time. What resulted was an emotionally-driven teaser featuring a female robot named Kara, who quickly developed human feelings after being developed in a factory for mass-distribution.

Detroit: Become Human follows Kara’s journey into the real world and beyond the factory she was “born” in.

The game takes place in a near-futuristic portrayal of Detroit, wherein life-like robots have seemingly become integrated into our society. Player choice is expected to remain an integral part of gameplay, allowing players to carve their own path via the choices they make.

Take a look at the first trailer below, all of which uses Quantic Dream’s new in-game graphics engine.

Detroit: Become Human is expected to release in 2016 exclusively on PlayStation 4.

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