Resident Evil 7 will ditch the relentless action seen in Resident Evil 6 and return to a survival horror focus, according to an industry analyst.

Japanese analyst Serkan Toto took to Twitter to announce that Resident Evil 7 will be a clean slate for the series, and will be shown at E3 2016.

As well as the much requested return to horror, Jordan Amaro has also joined its development team – he’s previously been involved in the production of P.T. and Metal Gear Solid V. This is exciting news for those hoping for sweat-inducing gameplay, considering the palpable atmosphere the now-defunct P.T. managed to create upon its release.

When Resident Evil 6 arrived I considered it a new low for the horror series, as it presented far too much action and attempted to cater to multiple audiences. The news that the next major entry is headed back to horror makes me happy, and I can’t wait to put on my headset and grab my sweat towel.

Keep tuned for more info soon, as E3 is just around the corner.

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