It can’t be true. Will we finally see the next installment in PlayStation’s Resistance franchise? If the rumours coming out of Sony Computer Entertainment Europe are to be believed, then it might just be on the way.

SCEE filed a trademark application for “Resistance”, specifically related to the video games and electronic games services provided by means of the internet.The Insomniac franchise was thought to be over after 2012’s Resistance: Burning Skies on the PS Vita. The series certainly has many fans that would welcome a return to the series with open arms, myself included.

The previous main console outing for the Resistance series was 2011’s Resistance 3, which saw the series take a change of style from the World War themed 1 and 2, to a more Walking Dead-esque atmosphere where humans had to survive and hide, after losing the war against the dastardly Chimera.

The rumours of Resistance 4 begs the question; who will we be playing as and where will it be based? Will we be playing as the heroic Joseph Capelli, leading the plucky human resistance and winning the war against the chimera after the events of the previous game? Or maybe we’ll be playing as the badass brit, James Grayson the “Cloven Killer”, as he fights his way through war-torn Europe.

How about an all-new character? All I know is that I eagerly anticipate further news on Resistance 4 and hope the rumours are true. With a special PlayStation event recently announced for early February, it might be a fair bet to expect news then.

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